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Dr. Shrikant Ega

Dr Shrikant graduated MBBS from the prestigious Government BJ medical college in Pune in year 2007. He subsequently obtained his Diploma in orthopedics from the prestigious Madurai medical college; one of the oldest government institutions in India and the alma matter of a line of surgical stalwarts. During the training, he recognized his aptitude for surgical and rehabilitative treatment of the spine. 

He subsequently ranked among the top 10 in the Secondary National Board entrance examination and chose Indian Spinal Injuries centre [New Delhi] – a tertiary referral centre for spine surgeries and rehabilitation- as his Diplomat of National Board (DNB) institute.

After obtaining his DNB he was inducted as a member in the National Academy of Medical Sciences [MNAMS]. He gained further academic experience as an assistant professor at the Kamineni medical college in Nalgonda. Subsequently, he then went on to secured 18th rank in the top merit list for the National Board of Examination accredited spine fellowships [FNB]; the only MCI recognized fellowship in India. He chose MIOT International [Chennai], an apex institution for spine and orthopedic surgery for the FNB.

He then did Minimal invasive spine surgery fellowship at Chennai and UB Endoscopy fellowship in Pune. He has also done an observership in AO Spine scoliosis workshop at Cochin, India.

He has 13 +years of experience and expertise in treating the entire spectrum of neck and back problems including Sciatica, Cervical pains, Neuropathies, Orthopaedic and spine fractures, Bone infection and tumours, Musculoskeletal pains, joint pains etc.

He is an Honest surgeon who opines and discusses clearly with the patients about its necessity along with pros and cons. He has trained and lectured around 100 + Master in Physiotherapy (MPT) students in speciality of Ortho – Neuro- Geriatric- prosthetics and orthotics. He also works with the dynamic group of physiotherapists who are experts in treating all kind of Joint and Musculoskeletal pains. He actively follows each and every patient who is on medical management or has undergone any kind of surgery.

He also has a reputed team of Arthroplasty and Arthroscopic   Surgeons who he regularly interacts and works with.

What is Spine?

Spine is made up of alternate stack of vertebrae (rectangular bones) and discs (soft cushion like structures which act as shock absorbers) in front and has a bony tunnel (Spinal canal) on back which allows the spinal cord and nerves to pass through it. It extends all the way from the head to tail bone. Spine is most important pillar of our body which helps us stand erect on our legs and protects the spinal cord and nerves.
ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad

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