Cervical and Dorsal Myelopathy

ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad
ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad

Myelopathy is caused beause of spinal canal stenosis (Decreased spinal canal sie) a condition that happens with aging. As we age, the black hair turns to white. Similarly, as we go through our life, the spine also ages – small facet joints increase in size, ligaments thicken, discs lose water and reduce in height – and sometimes in that process, the space available for spinal cord decreases, and it get compressed. Sometimes the disc material protrudes or extrudes into the central canal and causes significant spinal cord compression.

A patient may have symptoms due to spinal cord compression referred to as myelopathy. These symptoms involve an imbalance in walking, numbness of hands, difficulty holding objects, tightness, unable to put shirt buttons, unable to comb hair, unable to feed themselves. In Later stages they loose bladder and bowel control and can become bedridden for life.This condition is similar to brain stroke and paralyses patients from day to day activities. This condition can be diagnosed with an MRI and if a compression at any level of the spinal cord is revealed, a decompressive surgery remains a primary treatment.

Cervical myelopathy involves both hands and legs and dorsal myelopathy involving only legs. Myelopathies have a progressive course, and earlier a surgical decompression (cervical /Dorsal laminectomy and fiation)is attempted better the outcomes are. A prompt surgical consultation is warranted in such cases.

Common treatment modalities are

  • surgical decompression- Cervical /Dorsal laminectomy and fiation