Lumbar Canal Stenosis

ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad
ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad

Lumbar canal stenosis is a condition that happens with aging. As we age, the black hair turns to white. Similarly, as we go through our life, the spine also ages – small facet joints increase in size, ligaments thicken, discs lose water and reduce in height – and sometimes in that process, the space available for nerves decreases, and they get compressed. The blood supply to the already compromised nerves decreases, which leads to both leg pain and numbness when the person stands or tries to walk. This type of pain is known as claudication pain which is often accompanied by low back pain. The patient can be treated conservatively most of the time, but those with severe symptoms affecting their day-to-day life benefit from surgery.

Common treatment modalities are

  • Medical treatment
  • Decompression through laminectomy and discectomy
  • Spine stabilization along with decompression (TLIF, PLF) in cases with significant back pain or instability