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Minimal invasive stabilization of spine Fractures

ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad
ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad
Surgeon uses Small cuts through the skin to pass the screws over the pins with help of flouroscope

Spine fractures are high energy injuries causing disabling back pain with or without paralysis. In patients with only back pain without paralysis traditional open spine surgery has several reported limitations including extensive blood loss, postoperative muscle pain, and infection risk. Recently, minimally invasive percutaneous transpedicular screw fixation (screws inserted with small skin cuts at multiple levels) has been developed. This surgery is performed with help of special equipment (MISS System) and fluoroscopy (portable Operation Theatre X ray machine). This surgery shows a significant role in decreasing the surgical damage caused by traditional open surgery. Advantages of Minimally invasive techniques in spinal surgery are- reduced length of hospital stay, blood loss, and requirements for post-surgery pain killers. Patients who undergo this surgery tend to return to work earlier.

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