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Transforaminal epidural block (Injection through natural foramen)

ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad
ortho clinic in Kondapur,hyderabad

This procedure is done for patients with sciatica and disc problems. This is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia in operation theatre with help of fluoroscopy (portable OT X ray machine) .It involves injecting steroid near the painful nerve through the natural bony opening known as the foramen. It numbs your nerve, offers temporary pain relief and reduces swelling and inflammation. They allow the medication to be placed nearer to the area where the nerve is being pinched. They only target one side of your spine. Patients usually respond well and would have effect extending from few weeks to 6 months.

Needles are placed near the nerves in foramen under flouroscopy and steroids are injected

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